Laser Therapy

Excellent news for pets with chronic pain!

We're excited to announce a holistic, non-invasive way to treat many ailments. The Grady Medical  Laser is now available to Morena Pet Hospital patients. This new tool is a safe, effective treatment for pain management, wound healing, rehabilitation and more.

Some common ailments laser therapy has been used for are:

Acute and Chronic Otitis,Intervertebral Disc Disease, Anal Glands, Gingivitis and Peridontal Disease, Hip Dysplasia, Chronic Pain and Inflammation, Degenerative Joint Disease, Dermatological Disorders and Hot Spots, Arthritis, and many more

Watch the video link below to see how the Grady Medical Laser works.

Call our staff today to see how this exciting new technology can benefit your pet!



"Tinkerbell" Hauschulz

Before Tinkerbell started laser therapy she was lethargic, not eating, and not defecating comfortably.  She couldn't jump on my lap and just laid in bed all day.  After she started laser therapy it only took 2 treatments to see a substaintial response.   Tinkerbell is now back to her old self again and not in any pain.   We finished her initial 6 laser therapy treatments and are only doing laser therapy treatments as maintenance now.  She and I are very happy with this non invasive treatment option that works great.

"Claire" Jernigan

Claire is our 14 year old cat, that normally is very affectionate, but she became very reclusive and was exhibiting some odd behavior.  She wasn't eating well and was losing weight.

After an xray, looking for other sources of the problem, Dr. Steib discovered an area of severe arthritis where the spine meets the pelvis.  We thought this was the beggining of the end for Claire but Dr. Steib suggested using a Laser Therapy treatment as a possible treatment, in lieu of the narcotic (or as we call it her happy medicine).

After the second week of treatment she was eating right, gaining weight, and was coming to bed with us like she use to do.  By the third week we had her off of the "dope." I was somewhat skeptical of the laser treatments before, but after this, I am a believer.

David and Jackie Jerningan



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