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By R. deLeon-Mims for Morena Pet Hospital
November 05, 2013
Category: Pet Care

Internet sites that sell pet medicines can be reputable pharmacies.  However, many sites are fronts for businesses that are breaking Federal, State and sometimes International laws.  These sites may sell pet medicine that is counterfeit, outdated, mislabeled, incorrectly formulated, or improperly made or stored.  These medicines may not contain the actual drug, may not work as well due to age or being stored in conditions that were too hot, cold, or humid, and may not have the proper directions for use. 

If you find cheaper medication online, please feel free to bring in a copy of the online pharmacy invoice along with shipping costs (or email it to us) for us to price match the medication and purchase the medication from our office.  We feel much more comfortable knowing that our clients are receiving the medication as it was intended from the manufacturer and labeled properly by our staff.  If an online pharmacy refill is still requested, we will gladly give you a written prescription for you to fill at a pharmacy of your choice.

If your pet develops a problem or becomes ill from taking a medication filled with an online pharmacy please contact us immediately to be seen by a veterinarian.  We have had experience with pets having a reaction to the medicine, or the medicine not working as it should.  Second, contact the manufacturer of the medication and report the occurrence.  Third, you should contact the pharmacy where you filled the medication and report the problem and hopefully receive a refund.

To continue to protect yourself, your pets and others, please educate yourself on matters that may effect you and your pet’s health. 



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