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Spring Break is on the horizon.  And with it presents families with wonderful opportunities to go out of town and travel.  Schedules tend to be busy as those traveling make last minute travel arrangements before getting out of town.  One major dilemma is figuring out what to do with your furry loved ones.  Our solution, is to have your pet Stay & Play here with us at Morena Pet Hospital, a reputable boarding and veterinary hospital. 

If you are unable to vacation with your pet, our veterinary staff here at Morena Pet Hospital is pleased to offer boarding services to all of our patients.  We understand the emotions attached to leaving your pet while you are away.   That is why with comfortable accommodations, we provide loving care when your pet needs a "home away from home". Our goal is to take the worry out of your travels.  Your pet is regularly monitored by our veterinary staff to ensure his/her health and happiness.  The benefits of boarding at our facility include:

  • Each pet is supervised and cared for by a member of our highly trained veterinary staff
  • Should an emergency or illness arise, treatment is readily available
  • Large outdoor exercise yard
  • Proper nutrition-critical to good health; All pets are fed Science Diet or owners may bring special diets
  • Bathing service available during stay

To learn more about our boarding facility and requirements, please refer to our Pet Boarding page.