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July 09, 2012
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MPH's Adoption Star of the Week

Meet Batman!

He was named Batman because of his huge ears and his beautiful, black coat. He is a 2 ½ year old full Chihuahua.  Although he looks mighty, he is actually a tiny little guy, full-grown weighing only 5-6 pounds.

Batman is an AMAZING DOG! He is very well behaved and has a very sweet disposition.  He would love to be a lap dog and would make the perfect family dog, as he is good around children. He is also very patient, a perfect companion for a working couple who will leave him behind while at work. 

Batman is very shy at first, but once he gets to know and trust someone he becomes very loving!  Batman gets along great with cats and other dogs too! Best of all, he is NOT a barky little guy (a rare quality in a small breed dog).

Hopefully Batman will find a forever home in your care! 

If you would like to adopt or foster Batman, please file an application online at 

Thank you!