Pet Boarding

The Perfect Place For Your Pet To Stay & Play!

Unable to vacation with your pet? Morena Pet Hospital's Pet Lodge is the perfect place to board your special friend. With comfortable accommodations, we provide loving care when your pet needs a "home away from home". Your pet is regularly monitored by our veterinary staff to ensure his health and happiness.


Dogs 1-35 lbs.
Dogs 36-55 lbs.
Dogs over 55 lbs.


$35.00 per night
$42.00 per night
$48.00 per night
$55.00 per night
Please call our hospital to inquire


There is an additional charge for medications administered while boarding for an additional $5 to $10 per day.

.  Physical Exams are required for all new patients on medications and for Senior Pets over 7years old.

For New Clients -We do take a deposit equivalent to a 2 night stay when booking your pet's boarding with us.  This deposit is fully refundable if you cancel with more than 7 days notice.  Deposits are forfeited if you cancel with less than 7 days notice.

Please understand that our boarding space is limited and we require at least 7 days notice for cancellations in order to open up that space for other patients.


Boarding Registration Forms:

Boarding Registration Form - Word Boarding Registration Form - PDF

Our Pet Lodge offers TOP NOTCH CARE

  • Veterinary supervised dog and cat lodging
  • Outdoor play area
  • Veterinary service available during stay
  • Bathing service available during stay
  • Proper nutrition-critical to good health
  • We also offer limited avian (bird) & exotic boarding-please call for information

To save time when dropping off your pet for boarding, you can download the required form, fill out, and bring in or email to [email protected]

Cats love to spend time observing others. Feline guests enjoy spacious and comfortable feline living. All of our cat suites are well ventilated and your pet is continually monitored throughout the day to ensure his/her health and happiness. Each is provided with a cozy cat mat and blanket for comfort and naturally each suite is always maintained with proper fresh water and sanitation.

Canine guests enjoy individual spacious indoor and outdoor accommodations. The well-lighted environment is appropriately ventilated and maintained at a comfortable temperature. Each suite is regularly provided with fresh water and properly cleaned and sanitized. Your "best friend" is continually monitored throughout the day to ensure his/her health and happiness.


Also, please be prepared to provide a minimum 50% deposit for the length of your pet's stay. We tend to get booked up in advance during busy seasons, so call (619)275-0888 today to make a reservation.

For a list of our current boarding specials, please refer to our Discounts, Financing & Specials page.

Our Pet Boarding Requirements
For the protection of your pet, we require that your pet be current on all vaccines, health permitting. Please bring your pet's vaccine record, or email to our office ahead of time.  Email address: [email protected] If you prefer, we can administer vaccinations here during your dog or cat's stay in order to better accommodate you and your pet.

We request that you please bring your pet into our facility flea-free and current on flea control. We will treat your dog or cat for fleas for a small fee if necessary. Although we try very hard, there is no guarantee that your pet will go home flea-free; therefore it is important to have him/her on flea control when boarding.

We require that your pet have a current negative fecal examination, checking for intestinal parasites within 6 months prior to boarding. We will be glad to run this test for your pet... If the test is positive for intestinal parasites, appropriate medication will be administered to your pet, and you will be advised.

If your pet is on any medications that need to be administer while boarding they MUST be brought in original labeled containers.  Any medications brough in an unlabeled container or bag with name on it will not be administered for the safety of our patients.  We need to verify that we are dispensing the proper medications and as directed.  There may be an additional fee per day for multiple medications. Also any pet that is new to Morena Pet Hospital and is currently taking medications will required a physical exam for boarding to ensure that the pet is healthy and on appropriate medications.  This is done for the safety of your pet even if they are current with another vet this is required.

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