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By R. deLeon-Mims of Morena Pet Hospital
October 15, 2013
Category: Pet Adoptions

Are you thinking about getting a new furry family member?

October is Adopt a Dog Month, so find your next pet at a rescue or a shelter. 

Over 3 million dogs and cats are euthanized every year in the Unites States simply because people give up their pets and too few people adopt from shelters.  Puppy Mills and irresponsible breeders add to the over population.  Unfortunately, because of limited space in shelters, staff members must make difficult decisions to euthanize animals that have not been adopted.  The number of euthanized animals could be reduced dramatically if more people adopted pets instead of buying them. By adopting from a private humane society or animal shelter, breed rescue group, or the local animal control agency, you'll help save the lives of two animals—the pet you adopt and a homeless animal somewhere who can be rescued because of space you helped free up.

Why should you adopt rather than purchase a pet?

1.  You’ll save a dog’s life.

2.  Your new pet typically comes with all medical treatment done already, are spayed/neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated.

3.  The cost of dog adoption is less than buying a pet.

What you should think about before adopting:

1.  Are you honestly ready for the responsibility of a dog?

Aside from considering who will take the dog for walks and what you’re going to feed him, are you ready for training your new dog? How he will fit in to your day to day schedule? That emergency vet bill you weren’t expecting because he ate last night’s leftovers? Try to consider all aspects of your family’s lives and be sure you will be able to handle the known and unknown responsibilities that occur when being a pet owner.

2.  Who will be the pet’s main caretaker?

It’s easy when you have a mom or dad that stays home during the day, to be able to take your new dog out on walks and feed him or her during the day.  But if you don’t have this luxury, please think about who will be mainly responsible for caring for your pet.  It’s great to start children out early with helping to take care of pets, but always have an adult backup so nothing is missed.

3.  How much can we afford?

Emergency vet bills are one thing, but consider the different costs that incur with just owning a pet; the cost of food, leashes and collars, toys, grooming, beds, flea and heartworm prevention, vaccines, and your regular vet bills.  Check out this link to see the average cost of owning a pet.

And remember, if you’re unsure if your family is ready for a pet, there are many shelters and rescue groups that are always in need of fosters!