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A client of ours asked for our help in finding Mikey, their handsome, sweet boy a new home as they are unable to provide the tender loving care that Mikey needs.

Regarding Mikey's medical condition:
We suspect that Mikey suffers from Idiopathic Cystitis also known as feline lower urinary tract disease. This condition causes pets to have inflammation of the bladder lining, most commonly induced by stress of any kind. These pets may strain to urinate, have blood in their urine, and (as in Mikey's case) occasionally develop an obstruction that prevents them from passing urine naturally. See link for more information:

Unfortunately, Mikey's current owners cannot afford the appropriate diagnostics, treatment, and long-term attention that he needs to thrive. They want the best for him and don't want him to be euthanized at a shelter. He is otherwise a very handsome and sweet 3 year old fellow, that needs time and loving attention.

Please share this post with any potential friends and family that may be willing to offer Mikey the second chance that he deserves. Anyone interested, please contact our office at 619-275-0888 so that we can arrange a meet & greet with Mikey.

Thank you,
Your Morena Pet Hospital Team