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By Heather Beeson of Morena Pet Hospital
March 17, 2013
Category: Pet Safety
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Do not leave your pet’s safety to luck this St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and those who live or have visited San Diego during this time of year, know that us San Diegans know how to celebrate.  We realize pets are increasingly being considered parts of the family, so it is understandable that you may wish to include them in the holiday festivities, especially since San Diego is one of the pet-friendliest cities!  That is why it is so important to keep in mind the following pet safety tips.

  • Do not leave alcoholic beverages unattended where pets can reach them.  This is no laughing matter.  Alcohol is potentially hazardous to pets, so make sure your pet does not accidentally consume any wine, beer, or mixed drinks with all of the excitement going on. 
  • Keep your pet on his/her normal diet.  Although those begging eyes are hard to resist, it is important to stick with your pet’s normal diet.  Traditional Irish foods such as sauerkraut, cabbage, sausage, and corned beef are not good options for your pet. Scraps from the grill can lead to upset stomachs and potential intestinal obstructions or even worse can potentially be toxic for your pet (onions, avocado, chocolate, grapes, and raisins are all toxic to pets)!
  • Parades, bars, and parties will be taking place all around town.  If your pet is comfortable with crowds and well-trained on a leash, feel free to let him/her join in on the fun.  However, the noise of doorbells and shouting of strangers can be alarming to pets.  If your pet gets overwhelmed easily, it may be best to take a detour and walk your pet away from those busy areas.  Remember to have your pet’s identification on them and ensure it is updated with current contact information.  A collar with tags, microchip, and/or TAGG system can greatly increase the chances for your pet’s safe return.
  • When purchasing a St. Paddy’s Day costume for your pet, ensure that the costumes are comfortable and free of any chewable parts or objects that could come off and be swallowed.  Not all pets take to wearing costumes and forcing them into one may cause undue stress for both you and your pet.  For those pets that do welcome dressing up, be sure to choose a costume that does not impair your pet’s vision, movement, or air intake.
  • Wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day has become a popular trend in today’s society.  Unfortunately, your furry companions have not been blessed with a green coat, but some pet-owners have found ways around this.  If you are going to dye your pet’s fur coat green, ensure that you are using a non-toxic, all-natural, edible vegetable dye.
  • Looking to make an Irish dog your next companion?  Consider the following breeds: Irish Water Spaniel, Irish Setter, Wheaten Terrier, Kerry Blue Terrier, Glen of Imaal Terrier, or an Irish Wolfhound.  Be sure to consult with your local animal shelters and rescue groups, then you’ll both be in luck! 

Taking these simple precautions will go a long way to ensure your St. Patrick's Day (or St. Paw-trick's Day for those animal lovers) is a joyful occasion to remember.