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October 05, 2012
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Hello readers,

A valued client of ours has asked for our help in finding a loving home for her two cats, Mishu and Oliver.  She wants more than anything to find a home in which they will be loved and provided for with amazing care! 

Oliver is a 4y old male, neutered tuxedo domestic shorthair and Mishu is a 12y female, spayed black and white domestic medium hair. Below are some recent photos of this adorable duo!

Please contact us at 619-275-0888 if you or someone you know would be willing to take in these two terrific cats as new additions to the home. 

Thank you!

Your Morena Pet Hospital Team

A Note from their owner:

"They really are amazing cats. The cats come with a litter box (look up "The Clever Cat Litter Box), a self feeding dry food dispenser (look up Le Bistro Electronic Portion Control Automatic Pet Feeder), a cat scratcher, dry food, wet food and treats. I have lots of bowls, shampoo, nail clippers, and even a shaving kit that I used all summer on Mishu. I shaved Oliver 2x, but he is younger and a lot more impatient with me holding him down. I have a couple months of flea medication left, and even some fish oil pills that I put in their food to help with their coat."