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By Heather Beeson of Morena Pet Hospital
June 15, 2012
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A lost pet can be one of the most heartbreaking experiences and painstaking realities that even the most responsible pet owner may have to face. The most beloved and cared for dogs and cats can get loose—whether it be from slipping out of collars, running out an open door, digging under or jumping over fences—and fortunately many are returned simply because they were wearing proper identification and microchipped. Sadly, this was not the case for one of our client’s dog, Jimmy.  Here is Jimmy’s story, which tells of the valiant effort his owner put forth to find him and bring him home and what advanced pet-tracking products are available to pet owners today.

Jimmy is a rescue dog and has very skittish tendencies around people, but nonetheless is a very friendly pooch.  “It is the ‘approach’ that makes Jimmy nervous, but once someone is petting him, he won’t pull away”, states Tony, Jimmy’s owner.  An unfortunate event occurred when Jimmy went missing, leaving his owner heartbroken.  Instead of Jimmy being safe in his comfortable home with plenty of food, water, soft bedding, and love to shelter him; he was now outside, scared and alone, hoping to find whatever trace of food and water he could.  Even the occasional Good Samaritan, attempting to befriend and help Jimmy, left Jimmy scared (After all, Jimmy was afraid of everyone!).  Sadly for Jimmy and Jimmy’s owner, these are the situations in which microchipping and id tags are rendered inadequate.

Throughout the time of Jimmy’s disappearance, his owner went to great lengths to see he gets home safely.  Tony posted Jimmy’s photo and story on numerous Facebook feeds, put up numerous posters around town, and visited the shelters.  Tony also created a mailing list to facilitate communication with any and all organizations or individuals that expressed an interest and concern in helping get Jimmy back home; this group later became known as “Jimmy’s Gang”. 

Nearly three weeks had gone by without any sightings of Jimmy, when a call came out of the blue from a gentleman claiming he had Jimmy.  The gentleman found Jimmy walking outside the enclosed dog park in Balboa Park and was able to successfully corner and catch him (Jimmy was still trying to run away from everyone!).  Thankfully, Jimmy’s collar was still on with all of his owner’s contact information.  Jimmy had finally been found!

To Tony’s dismay, Jimmy looked in very bad shape, utterly emaciated and limping severely from being hit by a car.  But reunited now with his owner, Jimmy could get the love and veterinary care he deserved.  Jimmy spent the entire day Thursday and Friday here at Morena Pet Hospital in the care of Dr. Potter and her well-trained staff.  They were able to stabilize Jimmy’s condition: re-hydrate him, treat his infections, and tend to his wounds.  Unfortunately, the x-rays of Jimmy’s leg did not look promising.  After two lengthy consultations, it was decided that Jimmy would be referred to Veterinary Specialty Hospital for either extensive reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation or leg amputation.

Tony had been watching Jimmy on three legs and Jimmy’s resilient nature must have set in because he seemed to be doing surprisingly well with it.  Tony noticed that in fact the injured leg was creating extra weight and leaving Jimmy off-balanced.  Realizing that this was the best option for Jimmy to get on with his life, Tony made one of the toughest decisions to date: to amputate Jimmy’s leg. 

Jimmy to this day is doing well.  The surgery went well and Jimmy is recovering just fine.  Sadly, Jimmy’s story is not an isolated incident.  Many dogs get loose and become too fearful and tend to run away from any person trying to help them.  The good news is there is a new product on the market to ensure your pet’s safe return.  The Tagg Pet Tracker uses advanced GPS and wireless technology to find and track your pet on a map using your mobile device or computer, get directions to his/her location, and find your pet.  This way your dog can run, but he cannot hide!  The system works by attaching a lightweight tracker to your dog’s existing collar (designed to be worn at all times, even when swimming!).  You set up a “tagg zone”, a geofence for your dog, that alerts you should your dog venture out of his/her zone.  And the even better news is Tagg works for cats too!

We are so happy for Jimmy and his owner, Tony.  And want to thank him for his gratitude for our care of Jimmy, who is a wonderful dog!

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