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September 20, 2012
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MPH's Adoption Star of the Week

Meet Pia!

Pia's Rescue:
Pia was spotted back in March, lying on a corner street, and evidently had been hit by a car. She had a lesion on her head and right front paw. 
Pia's Temperament:
Another sweetheart, she gets along well with all creatures big and small, even a ferret that lives with her at her current foster home!  She lives indoors and is learning to use the leash on walks.
Pia's Health:
She is a 10 month old (best estimate) lab/shepherd mix, healthy, and up to date. She was spayed on May/23/2012.
Pia's Special Needs:
Slight injury/deformity on her right front paw.
Pia has a right front leg injury which has healed, although her right front paw/toes are slightly deformed, She is a happy and young teenager who acts like nothing is wrong! Although we have not evaluated her here at MPH, we are told that she will not be able to go on long runs or heavy hikes, BUT she does love to run in the dog park!  Essentially, one has to pay close attention to her paw to determine if something is abnormal and needs veterinary attention!
If you would like to meet Pia or any of the other animals available for adoption at ARWOB, please fill out an adoption application FIRST at  For more information, please contact ARWOB at 619-977-3593 or email them at
Thank You!