Veterinarian - San Diego
1540 Morena Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92110



MPH's Adoption Star of the Week

Meet Kalina!

Kalina, is an amazing very young mama cat who was turned into the SD animal control shelter late August along with 2 of her babies.  Unfortunately, the babies and mom were so flea infested--one of her babies became severely anemic and didn't make it . Kai is her son and doing well. She too is doing great! She is a sweet young cat looking for a family and would love to be in a home with children or a home were she is sole queen of the home. She likes other animals but she preffers having people all to her self.

She is a sweet , loving, and outgoing young adult who would make a wonderful companion. She has an amazing personality and always has something to say!

To meet Kalena attend one of ARWOB's adoption events or visit them online at and file an adoption application and if approved they will contact you to schedule a play date at her fosters home. Thank you!