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MPH's Adoption Star of the Week

Meet Remi!

Remi is an adorable, spayed female, young cat (approx. 10 months old) available for adoption at Animal Rescuers Without Borders. She was adopted on 4/2012 when she was just a kitten, but sadly her family can no longer keep her due to financial hardship and loosing their home.

Remi is a very social, loving, well adjusted kitty who loves to play and be petted.  She lives in a home with a couple young children and a very social, easy going golden retiever.  Remi is an indoor kitty and is just GORGEOUS with the most amazing emerald green eyes.

Although her foster parent has both dogs and cats in the home, Remi tends to do better with the dogs. She can live with other cats, but would prefer being the only cat in the home. 

We would LOVE to find Remi a home SOON as she misses being in a home environment.

Please, file an adoption application for Remi online at and ARWOB will contact you to set up a play date, thank you!